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Details [1]




19th Dynasty


Mat-burial of Ka-Nefer-Nefer, found in 1952 by M Zakaria Goneim at Saqqara, above the unfinished pyramid of Sekhemkhet.


Steatite with gilded copper details.


2 .8 cm in height, 4 cm in width at hips

Current Location

Unknown, probably in the Goneim's Saqqara Magazine for the 1952 excavations.


Steatite Ushabti with a grey body and details picked out in various colours: The wig is tripartite and the braids are incised in vertical lines. Details are picked out in yellow paint, as are the facial features, which are sculpted and then painted. Pupils of eyes are dots of black paint. Necklace consists of three incised horizontal bands shown between the wig lappets and picked out in yellow. Between these bands are three rows of vertical tubular "bead" incisions. These are also picked out in yellow. The lips and basket on the back of the ushabti between her shoulders are painted in red. The wig is crowned by a decorative floral band with a lotus at the front. This has been inlaid in gilded copper. The hands hold two hoes which are modeled and overlaid with gilded copper. Each hand has a bracelet that is painted in yellow. The shabti's arms are crossed, and the curves of the hips and buttocks are modeled. The body of the shabti, from the abdomen downwards, is sectioned into 8 lines of horizontal text, which read clockwise around the body starting at the center of the back. Glyphs are also outlined in yellow.

Associated Images


Drawing from Goneim 1957, pp24-25. [1] by K M Johnston, 2010.



Inscription from Goneim 1957, pp 24-25. [1]


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